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Just about two years ago Spraakwater started as a cocktail catering service in Holland. Armed with a Dutch traditional bike (bakfiets) filled with day fresh ingredients and the right doses of spraakwater (meaning Dutch Courage) our cocktail shakers roamed different cities ready to serve the next party, wedding or event.

Meanwhile we have expanded from being a cocktail catering service to a full service creative cocktail agency. Next to catering cocktails we provide bar support to several bars, hotels and restaurants and we provide cocktail & beverage consultancy for brands such as Lipton, Heineken and develop cocktail menu’s for several bars, hotels and restaurants.

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Spraakwater is a company that vouches for quality. Our service comes with the finest spirits and market fresh ingredients. However our passion for quality reaches much further than the products that we use. Aside from premium products our bartenders are professionals in hospitality and creating the right atmosphere for your event. Choosing for Spraakwater means that you choose for quality for your event