Rich background of cocktail catering for leading events and parties in Amsterdam

Our core business is location based cocktail service or briefly stated cocktail catering. Since the start of Spraakwater we are proud to say that we have done the cocktail catering for the most leading parties in Amsterdam and its surroundings.

The reason why we have a vast portfolio of events in such short time is due to our standard for quality and service. Each collaboration has to be the best one regardless of the size of the event. Our passion for service, iconic attire and our quality standard makes us the right partner for the cocktail catering of your event.

Iconic attire & hospitality:

Our cocktail shakers set the standard for service at your event

When hiring Spraakwater for your cocktail catering our services go beyond serving the perfect drink. A beverage loses its value when the cocktail shaker or bartender doesn’t have a professional or open attitude. The cocktail shaker sets the atmosphere and with it the standard for your event. Spraakwater invests in its team of shakers that work during cocktail catering events. We handpick our team and make sure that our number one priority is to create an open and mellow atmosphere for you and your guests. Depending on your exact wishes we provide for a cocktail shaker that suits your demands.

With Amsterdam as our home we travel through land and sea to provide your party, wedding or any other event with quality cocktail catering.

Choose among Gin Tonic Bars, Whisky Bars, Martini bars and many other cocktail catering options

Depending on your specific wishes we provide you with a customized offer for the cocktail catering for your event. Next to the latest cocktail trends such as Gin Tonics, Maritni’s, Whisky based cocktails and many other trends we also provide a range of experience cocktails to tingle all your senses. In the event you are hosting a very special party we can offer our services to provide tailor made cocktail recipes and cocktail garnishes for your event.

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