Our core business is serving cocktails on location. With our headquarters in Amsterdam we travel throughout the Netherlands (and even beyond) to supply your event with a healthy dose of Dutch Courage (Spraakwater). Our services can reach as far as supplying hostesses, full bar catering and much more depending on your wishes.

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Bar Support

As a bar manager it is already quite intense to run a bar. Having the right cocktail shaker is not always as easy. Spraakwater offers cocktailshakers or even bartenders on your location. In doing so we try to build up a steady relationship so that you always work with the same bartender/cocktailshaker that will help you to get your bar up and running.


Starting a bar or any service regarding cocktails can be a huge challenge. With todays market there are more and more ingredients and spirits that you could chose for your cocktail menu. In order to be successful the key to a good cocktail bar is the appearance and atmosphere that is created. Spraakwater offers cocktail and full beverage consultancy for your venue. Aside from the right cocktails to include in your cocktail menu we also think about the appearance of your bar, staff which glassware to choose and much more. For more information you can contact us through our contact page.


We also offer workshops starting with groups of 25 and larger. On our secret locations throughout the city of Amsterdam we create that speakeasy experience where we sip whisky together creating memories, moonshine, laughter and what not.